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With the demands of modern living in Kent, many people find it hard to sustain the quality of their sash windows with as without proper soundproofing, maintenance and repair they become draughty, difficult to use, and commence to biodegrade. Whether you are changing your original frames or reconstructing parts of your house, timber windows, sash windows and doors will certainly raise market value of your Kent home. Sash Windows Rochester original sash windows have been made by a competent technician, individually, with the premium quality stuff.

Sash Windows Rochester Offer Great Quality Windows!

For any questions or queries feel free to give us a phone call at Sash Windows Rochester by email at or by calling us on 0800 061 4053. Despite being so ancient type of window, Sash Windows Rochester believe that the sash window has managed to retain its appeal and    Goes on to be highly credited in homes throughout the country presently. In modern sash window frames, like those from Sash Windows Rochester, the sliding mechanism is often hidden, out of sight and safe from dirt and damage whereas in older sash windows, the mechanism may be on view.

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Sash Windows Rochester are a Rochester based company and are expert Sash Window Installers in Rochester, Kent

  • Sash windows are very common in Britain plus largely much discovered in Victorian or Georgian style properties and Sash Windows Rochester can closely replicate those authentic fashions.

    Sash Windows Rochester sash windows will preserve historic charm whilst overcoming typical problems, such as cold air, stuck, and rattling windows, constructing them to be model for period homes.

  • Sash Windows Rochester work to retain the traditional appearance of sash windows with today's stringent regulations in the construction area in Kent, the important conditions of planning and conservation authorities, and the need for energy efficiency, enhanced security and ease of use.

    Here at Sash Windows Rochester our staff is experienced to deliver the best services in sash windows to you and your property in Kent.

  • A traditional sash window is usually made up of two sashes that slide up and down, one in front, and one behind, in vertical grooves, counterbalanced by lead weights on cords and Sash Windows Rochester windows retain this classic method.

    Simple in design and elegant in proportion, sash windows    has persisted as the finest and most user-friendly design of window ever created and Sash Windows Rochester want to retain them is a similar way.

  • Allow us at Sash Windows Rochester to renovate your sliding sash & casement windows, set up draught seals and protection locks, replace damaged wood and glazing, and so, guarantee that your long-established windows are prepared to stand up to many more years of comfortable use.

    Sash windows can really be in use for hundreds of years but with modern repair and upgrading techniques from Sash Windows Rochester these classics can perform flawlessly. Sash Windows Rochester sash windows are formed in abidance with the traditional window type that have existed, in various lines & samples, since the 17th century.